in re Tenen v. Winter
Order signed by USDJ Charles J. Siragusa on April 5, 2002
Order filed with US District Court, Western District of New York at Rochester on April 8, 2002

Below is reproduced the exact text of the Order signed by USDJ Charles J. Siragusa on April 5, 2002, enjoining Daniel E. Winter and persons acting in concert with him from publishing or publicizing Mr. Winter's materials or materials pertaining to him.  Location of Judge Siragusa's signature is indicated. A graphic reproduction of the actual signature page is available via a link at the end of this file.

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STANLEY and CYNTHIA TENEN,               )
              Plaintiffs,                )      INJUNCTION
                      v.                 )      94-CV-7934 CJS
DANIEL WINTER,                           )
             Defendant.                  )

        Whereas, the Court entered an order on May 23, 2001 (#283) finding the Defendant in contempt of this Court's Order of September 11, 1998 and the oral settlement of the parties entered in open court on the record on June 26, 2000; and

        Whereas, the Court ordered the issuance a warrant for the arrest of the Defendant and the warrant was issued on May 24, 2001; and

        Whereas, the Defendant, by himself or with the assistance of others acting in concert with him, has continued to violate this Court's previous orders and has failed on numerous occasions to respond to the summons of this Court; and

        Whereas, the Court established personal jurisdiction over the Defendant and has continued to maintain personal jurisdiction over him; and

        Whereas, the Court has the inherent authority to enforce its orders and take all reasonable actions in order to do so, it is hereby

ORDERED, that the Defendant and anyone acting in concert with him is hereby enjoined from publishing in any form whatsoever any content of the Defendant's books, writings, CD-ROMs, website contents, or other material produced by or pertaining to the Defendant, Daniel Winter, in any media, or on the Internet in any way accessible to any person, or entity, and including any information pertaining to the Defendant's lecture schedules; and it is further

        ORDERED, that this injunction shall remain in effect until such time as the Defendant cures his civil contempt by appearing in this Court; and it is further

        ORDERED, that VeriSign, Inc. (formerly known as "Network Solutions, Inc.") is authorized to take all steps necessary to assist Plaintiffs to effectuate this Order; and it is further

        ORDERED, that service on the Defendant may be effected by mailing a copy of this Order to Defendant's address as mainlined by the Clerk of the Court pursuant to Local Rule of Civil Procedure 5.3 and this Court's prior Order (#243); and it is further

        ORDERED, that service on any person or entity acting in concert with Defendant to violate this Order may be served with a copy of this Order by any method recognized by the Hague Convention, if the country in which the person or entity is located is a member of that convention.


Dated:    April 5, 2002
              Rochester, New York

        Hon. Charles A. Siragusa

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