Deposition Taken in Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Below is a true and complete copy of material printed by Mr. Winter, titled "One Crystal's Dance," which was submitted in evidence as an exhibit at Mr. Winter's deposition on 25 October 1995 in Asheville, North Carolina for the US Federal District Court for the Western District of New York in Rochester, NY.

Please notice that contrary to Mr. Winter's persistent claims (and as he swore to, with the assistance of his attorney Stephen Salai, in his confession to the US Federal District Court), there is no discussion of any alphabet system anything like what he plagiarized from the work of Meru Foundation. There is no prior art. Nothing in One Crystal's Dance bears any relationship whatsoever to Mr. Winter's plagiary and abuse of the original copyright work of Stan Tenen and the Meru Foundation.

Mr. Winter shows sonograms plagiarized from others that are claimed to represent a few Hebrew letters. The claim that this work included Hebrew or any other letters generated from a specially shaped spiral vortex (Meru's work) is ludicrous. A person needs only look for themselves.  See also the sworn testimony of Richard Leviton for a description of Mr. Winter's tracing of Meru Foundation's work into his spreadsheet.

The beginning of One Crystal's Dance includes a discussion of a product that Mr. Winter also plagiarized and misrepresented: the "Star Mother".

The original source of this material is in the book excerpt by L. Gordon Plummer, By the Holy Tetractys!  Note also that the 3-D "golden spiral" that Mr. Winter shows on page 18 (page 20 of the pdf) was taken from the work of Ann Tyng. Mr. Winter fails to mention L. Gordon Plummer or Ann Tyng, or any of the many other people whose work he has taken, abused, and plagiarized in One Crystal's Dance.

Note also that Mr. Winter's "About the Author" is his standard story. Sadly, it's not true. IBM refuses to confirm his employment, and his credentials as stated evaporate when one tries to track them down. Mr. Winter's only confirmable work experience was as an electrician (not an electronic engineer) manually rewinding refrigerator and air conditioner motors for his father's and brother's family business, SS Electric in Buffalo, New York. Mr. Winter has no technical education.  He has a BA in Psychology from the University of Detroit (Catholic).

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By the Holy Tetractys
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